Park in terminal parking lots

Airport parking is strictly regulated for safety reasons. 

Stopping in front of terminals is forbidden except for parking spaces in the terminal parking lots or drop-off areas. 

If you park for more than 10 minutes in a drop-off zone, the hourly rate applies.

It is recommended to park in the terminal car parks for more convenience. 


Terminal car parks at Paris-Orly are the following:

P2, P3, P4a, P4b

Why should you use terminal car parks first ?

More convenient!

Each terminal has a covered parking lot nearby, carts at your disposal and direct access to the terminal. 


The first 10 minutes are free and if you want to spend a little more time, the extra 20 minutes will only cost you €5, compared with €20 for the minute drop-off service (payment by credit card only).

Less stress!

If you spend a little more time than planned, don't worry, because in the Terminal Car Parks you won't be fined or have your vehicle impounded if you overstay your time.


Go to your terminal

Direct yourself to the departure or arrival terminal of your loved ones, as indicated on their boarding pass or flight confirmation.

Drop off or pick up your loved one

Accompany your loved ones before their trip or pick them up on their return

Pay for your parking

At exit terminal by credit card only (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Total and Télépéage). A receipt will be issued automatically.

Return to your home peacefully

After having done the payment if you stayed longer than the authorized free period, the gates will open to exit the parking lot.

Map of Paris-Orly parking lots

To help you choose the best parking lot for your departure or arrival terminal, take a look at the map of our parking lots at Paris-Orly.

Access to drop-off areas

Drop-offs are very short-term stops, not parking spots.

Beyond one hour and thirty minutes, your vehicle will be impounded with a fine + impound fees.

To access the drop-off points, follow the orange signs at the terminal gates.


Do you have a parking card for people with reduced mobility?

Secure, equipped drop-off spaces are available at Orly 1,2,3 and 4.

View drop-offs rates at Paris-Orly

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