At Paris-Orly

Parking at the airport

We recommend parking in the parking lots closest to the terminals, most of which have elevator access.

You'll find reserved parking spaces on each level, provided if you have one of the following badges: GIC (grand invalide civil), GIG (grand invalide de guerre) or carte européenne de stationnement. 

Conditions for using PRM spaces

You can only park in PRM spaces if you have a GIC or GIG badge, or a European parking card.

Parking in a PRM space without proof of entitlement may result in impounding of the vehicle and a fixed fine of €135.

Is it possible to book my parking space?

PRM parking spaces cannot be booked online on our website. You will need to purchase a ticket at the entrance.

Parking prices

If you are a European Parking Card holder, you benefit from a 50% discount in all parking lots at Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly airports, whether they are close to the terminals or long-stay.

How can I benefit from the PRM discount?

1. Access the parking lot by taking a ticket at the entrance barrier

2. Head towards the spaces reserved for people with reduced mobility (follow the road signs)

3. As you leave the parking lot, head towards the cash desks located near the parking lot's exit barriers.

4. On presentation in the Scanbox of the holder's valid original European Parking Card or Mobility Inclusion Card bearing the words "stationnement pour personnes handicapées" ("parking for the disabled"), a 50% discount will be applied.

Where can I find a PRM place?

Parking P2 : 35 places 

Tous les niveaux


Parking P3 : 44 places 

Tous les niveaux


Parking P4a : 30 places 

Tous les niveaux


Parking P4b : 22 places 

Niveaux rouge et vert


Parking P8 : 11 places 


Parking P18 : 13 places 


Parking P4c : 17 places 


PECO Valet : 15 places 


PECO 2 : 10 places 


P5 : 11 places 

Tous les niveaux


P5b : 6 places 


To help you choose the best parking lot for your departure terminal, take a look at the maps of our parking lots at Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly.

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